How to choose a Memorial

Choosing a memorial for a loved one can be a daunting task, but it is a significant part of the grieving process for many families. With a recent study showing that it takes an average of 52 hours to arrange a funeral, the choice of memorial will last for generations to come, so it is important to consider all options.

At Tree For Life, we understand that searching for the perfect final symbol of a loved one’s life can feel overwhelming, so we’ve put together some advice on how to choose a memorial, providing guidance on different memorial types and grave inscriptions.

A memorial bench

The beauty of a memorial bench with an engraved plaque is that it will benefit the community whilst also remembering a special person. Whether the memorial bench is installed at their favourite park, or in a local cemetery, a memorial bench offers a place for quiet contemplation and remembrance.

memorial bench

A living memorial

Due to the growth of eco-conscious values, more and more people are choosing to create a living memorial with an eco-friendly burial option. Our Tree For Life biodegradable urns can be planted with ashes and your chosen sapling to blossom over time into a beautiful tree is a lovely memorial option. The biodegradable urns can be planted anywhere, and with some TLC, can last for years.

A headstone

An obvious option for a traditional burial memorial, the headstone is a classic memorial and there are many different designs to choose from. Personalise the headstone with digital images of your loved one, or symbols of their interests, such as football team emblem or animal. Headstones come in various shapes and materials, including heart, square and sloped stone shapes, and durable materials such as granite, marble or even bronze.

With so many headstones to choose from, how do you choose a grave marker? A permanent memorial can take the form of any common styles, such as:

  • Upright headstone: A two-piece stone memorial.
  • Footstone: Located at the foot of a grave.
  • Lawn-level grave marker: A flat headstone that is level with the ground.
  • Ledger: Large stone that covers the full area of the grave.

There may be limitations in place with your chosen cemetery regarding the style of headstone which is to be placed on your purchased plot, so it’s worth checking that your preferred grave marker is acceptable.

Choosing an inscription

Whether simple details of names and specific dates are all that need to be stated, or you’d prefer to include a religious script or meaningful message, take your time when choosing an inscription for a headstone.

grave inscription

Communicate your wishes

It may feel difficult to do, but thinking ahead and carefully communicating your ‘after-death’ wishes can ease pressure on the loved ones you leave behind. Take some time to detail your funeral and burial wishes in advance. By taking the guesswork out of preparing your final resting place, you can help ease the burden placed on your loved ones during a tough time.

If you’d like any further guidance on how to choose a memorial that will suit your preferences, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.